University East Pavilion Hospital

Scope of Work: Asbestos Abatement, Building Demolition, Universal Waste.

This project required complete abatement of asbestos, lead, regulated building materials and the demolition of the entire structure.

The asbestos abatement work at the former East Pavilion Hospital consisted mostly of TSI pipe and fittings. 7,000 linear feet of pipe was removed along with 3,100 fittings. 1,500 square feet of transite paneling, removal of fire doors, boiler and duct insulation, gaskets, duct vibration cloth and the caulk from 54 windows.

The demolition aspect of the project consisted of the demolition of the 134,000 square feet of a reinforced concrete structure, including removal of all subgrade foundations.

The unique aspect of this project was the regulated building materials. EDI removed all of the PCB light ballasts, fluorescent bulbs, all stored biowaste and sharps. EDI removed 100 gallons of stored chemicals, in addition to all CFC’s, transformers and capacitors, which contained PCB’s. EDI completed this project ahead of schedule, on budget and were awarded a bonus based on this performance.


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