St. Anthony’s

Scope of Work: Hazardous Material Remediation.

EDI successfully excavated, abated and disposed of just under 17,000 cubic yards of lead and asbestos contaminated soils. Additionally, EDI excavated and removed approximately 7,000 lineal feet of contaminated transite pipe for disposal. All contaminated soils and pipe were properly manifested per State and Federal regulations for disposal. EDI strictly adhered to all regulations regarding the removal and disposal of hazardous materials. This was considered a high profile project which demanded ongoing and constant scrutiny from regulatory agencies and EDI’s job performance and safety plan were well executed. Overall performance was excellent.

EDI set up a truck decontamination station where each loaded truck was lined, covered and decontaminated down to the tires. Water trucks and hoses kept the soils wet to prevent any cross-contamination from airborne asbestos fibers. Constant air monitoring was performed and wind regulations were followed strictly. This project demanded the most of all the EDI team members as coordination and logistics had to be precise, allowing other contractors access and egress in order to perform their assigned functions.

The project was completed without incident and on time.


St. Anthony’s – Federal Center
11600 W. 2nd Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80226

General Contractor/Consultant:

Walsh Environmental
4888 Pearl E. Circle, Suite 108
Boulder, CO 80301