Northeast Denver Housing Center

Scope of Work: Mold Abatement, Lead Abatement, Asbestos Abatement.

EDI has been the environmental remediation contractor for the Northeast Denver Housing Center since they began the Healthy Homes Initiative in Denver. EDI performed mold remediation and abated lead-based paint and asbestos.

The Healthy Homes Initiative helps low-income families who have a sick child due to mold, lead-based paint, dust or asbestos in their homes. EDI abates approximately 20 residential homes a year for Northeast Denver Housing Center. All homes are unique in size and scope.

EDI performs a wide range of abatement/remediation tasks for Northeast Denver Housing Center. EDI’s work involving the exterior of homes include; removing windows, gutters and doors, stabilization and encapsulating existing paint, removal of contaminated dirt and performing general cleanup around the house. Interior work includes, cleaning surfaces, removing contaminated components and installing treadguards or covering and sealing a contaminated area


Northeast Denver Housing Center – Healthy Homes Initiative
Various Residential Homes
Denver, CO


Northeast Denver Housing Center
1735 Gaylord Street
Denver, CO 80206

Stacy Williams and Wendy Hawthorne