Cherokee Units 1 & 2 Decommissioning-Clean Air Clean Jobs


Boiler Units 1 & 2 were scheduled for decommissioning in April 2012 to be in accordance with the Federal Clean Air & Water Act. Prior to deconstruction, EDI was contracted to remove all Class 1 and Class 2 Asbestos containing materials.  Approximately 88,000 square feet of boiler steel plate lagging and associated duct had to be removed using torches to gain access to the ACM mag-block insulation.


Class I Asbestos Work

EDI’s abatement activities involved removal of over 19 miles of Thermal System Insulation (TSI) applied to steam lines, hot water pipes, fittings, and boiler/duct gaskets equating to over 5,000 cubic yards of Regulated ACM (RACM) friable waste.

Class II Asbestos Work

EDI’s crews also removed and disposed of almost 30 tons of ACM, transite cement materials such as, wallboard, shingles, piping, and other miscellaneous materials associated with Units 1 & 2.


Full Containment Project Designs

All of EDI’s project designs were developed by our in-house Colorado State Accredited Asbestos Project Designer. All applicable Federal, Colorado and local regulations were followed.


Full Containments: Unit 2 Penthouse, Boiler and Precipitator Air Duct

EDI constructed over 30 independent Full-Containment work areas utilizing multiple 5 & 3 chamber personnel and equipment decontamination units throughout the project. Many of the containments were multi-story levels requiring scaffolding and lift equipment. Challenging weather conditions such as high winds and extreme heat during the summer were continuous throughout the project.

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