Cherokee Units 1 & 2 Decommissioning-Clean Air Clean Jobs

Boiler Units 1 & 2 were scheduled for decommissioning in April 2012 to be in accordance with the Federal Clean Air & Water Act. Prior to deconstruction, EDI was contracted to remove all Class 1 and Class 2 Asbestos containing materials.  Approximately 88,000 square feet of boiler steel plate lagging and associated duct had to … Read More

Byron G. Rogers Courthouse and Federal Office Buildings

E.D.I. was a third tier sub-contractor on this fast-track project which presented many challenges which were resolved with creative project management, full-containment designs and innovative negative air engineering controls. Not to mention, all employees on the job site went through and passed an extremely stringent Federal background check investigation. The scope of work included complete … Read More

Marathon Oil

Scope of Work: Asbestos and Lead Abatement, Mecury Cleanup. EDI removed asbestos, lead and mercury contamination from various buildings and site areas in preparation for site demolition. Enclosed, wet and excavated asbestos – containing soils from approximately a 20,000 square foot area. Owner and Location: Marathon Oil Company 7400 S. Broadway Littleton, CO 80122 Rick … Read More

Colorado State Capitol

Scope of Work: Demolition, Asbestos Abatement, Universal Waste. Office of Energy Conservation Building: EDI removed all TSI piping, dismantled the existing boiler and removed all asbestos containing material. In Addition, EDI removed and disposed of 2,000 square feet of spray on acoustical material within a full containment. The windows were removed along with asbestos containing … Read More

University East Pavilion Hospital

Scope of Work: Asbestos Abatement, Building Demolition, Universal Waste. This project required complete abatement of asbestos, lead, regulated building materials and the demolition of the entire structure. The asbestos abatement work at the former East Pavilion Hospital consisted mostly of TSI pipe and fittings. 7,000 linear feet of pipe was removed along with 3,100 fittings. … Read More

Steamboat Springs

Scope of Work:  Asbestos and Regulated Building Materials. EDI was contracted to complete the removal and disposal of asbestos-containing building materials and regulated building materials. EDI performed the removal of these materials in 7 different facilities located at the base of the Steamboat Springs Ski Resort. Work areas consisted of multiple shops, restaurants, and condos … Read More

St. Anthony’s

Scope of Work: Hazardous Material Remediation. EDI successfully excavated, abated and disposed of just under 17,000 cubic yards of lead and asbestos contaminated soils. Additionally, EDI excavated and removed approximately 7,000 lineal feet of contaminated transite pipe for disposal. All contaminated soils and pipe were properly manifested per State and Federal regulations for disposal. EDI … Read More

Valmont Power Plant

Scope of Work: Site Development, Asbestos Abatement. EDI removed contaminated fly ash, asbestos insulation and re-insulated Unit #5 boiler walls, penthouse & attic plenum. This unique project faced many tough challenges. The containment was constructed 165 feet in the air, utilizing a temporary elevator, on scaffolding and narrow catwalks. The Valmont Power Generating Facility was … Read More

Currigan Hall

Scope of Work: Asbestos Abatement, Demolition. EDI performed the asbestos abatement of the walkway/bridge which connected Currigan Hall with the Denver Performing Arts Center. The scope of work included removal of 24,000 square feet of spray-on fireproofing. EDI created a complete waterproof containment system and removed all of the asbestos containing material above a busy … Read More


Scope of Work: Asbestos Abatement, Regulated Building Materials. Construction of a 226,000 square foot Wal-Mart Store in Lakewood, Colorado required removal of asbestos and regulated building materials from 27 structures prior to demolition. EDI’s crew removed asbestos flooring, acoustical spray-on fire-proofing, pipe insulation brick and block coating and contaminated soils. EDI completed all 22 buildings … Read More