Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity

Scope of Work: Mold Remediation.

EDI takes great pride in being able to make a contribution to the community and to a great organization like Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity. EDI employees were happy to volunteer their expertise, time and materials to such a worthy cause as Habitat for Humanity. The local chapter of Habitat was completing two homes in the Evergreen area when they noticed water intrusion in the crawl spaces that resulted in mold growth.

EDI dried the wood, remediated the mold and encapsulated the under decking with an anti-microbial paint to prevent future mold growth.

“… your contribution saved Blue Spruce Habitat $9,190;  money which can now be used to build affordable housing–for that we thank you so much.”

— Dick Galaty, President


Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity
P.O. Box 2366
Evergreen, CO 80437

Dick Galaty, President