Safety and Training

At EDI, safety and regulatory compliance are #1. EDI maintains an aggressive “No Injury” policy. We have a full time dedicated safety professional. All of our project begin with a Project-Specific Safety Plan and a site specific engineering inspection. Every work day begins with a “tailgate” safety meeting. Monthly safety training sessions are  mandatory for all our supervisors.

Our safety professional maintains all the State and Federal Safety, accident and training records as required by law or regulation. Ongoing Safety meetings and classes for all our team members are required as part of our commitment to the overall health and safety for our employees.

EDI has NEVER received a citation from any regulatory agency including the Colorado Department of Health, OSHA and the EPA.

EDI is approved by the State of Colorado for:

  • The Worker’s Compensation Cost Containment Program
  • Colorado Elite Safety Association (CESA)
  • Colorado Safety Association (CSA)